About us

Carnaúba do Brasil Ltda. is a carnauba wax plant set up in 2004. This company was created by the experience accumulated by its founders, Gerardo Azevedo and Dedé Tibúrcio, both experienced professionals on Carnauba industry.


Gerardo Azevedo was one of the Managing Directors of an industry at this field between 1976 and 1995. From 1995 until the beginning of 2004, he was one of the shareholders of a Trading Company specialized on the trade of natural products, whereas carnauba wax was one of its major accounts.


Dedé Tibúrcio has been the production manager for several wax processing industries in recent years.


The factory founded by them is located in Itarema, northern zone of Ceará, near the border with Piauí, an area of great production of carnauba wax. It is endowed with what is best, from the technological and human point of view, so that its customers, in Brazil and in three other continents, can have products of the highest quality.